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What are Some Common Issues That Counsellors See When Working with Adolescents?

As counsellors, we see adolescents daily. They are the age group that is most in need of our help, and so we need to understand their needs and concerns. This article looks at some common issues that counsellors see when working with adolescents.

Some of the most common issues that A Child & Adolescence Counsellor see when working with adolescents

1. Feelings of anxiety and stress, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as social media use, school/work struggles, and dating/sexual relationships;

2. Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia;

3. Substance abuse such as smoking, drinking, or using drugs;

4. Self-harm including suicidal thoughts and cutting;

5. Sexual behaviour including kissing and touching without consent;

6. Relationship problems such as dating violence, cheating, infidelity;

7. Anxiety and depression;

8. Poor sleep habits; and

9. Struggling with self-esteem and identity issues.

How to work with adolescents.

It can be difficult to work with adolescents, but there are a few things that Child & Adolescence Counsellor in Queensland can do to help. First, try to approach counselling as an opportunity for both the adolescent and the counsellor to learn about their feelings and needs. Talk about any struggles you’re experiencing, and find out what counsellors can do to help.

Next, develop a treatment plan that is tailored specifically for the adolescent. This will include goals and objectives for the counselling session, as well as strategies that will help the adolescent achieve them. Be sure to keep track of progress made each day so that you can provide support accordingly. Finally, manage behaviour by setting boundaries and enforcing rules. If necessary, discuss child-rearing techniques with the adolescent to create a safe and supportive environment.


Working with adolescents can be a difficult and rewarding experience. There are many strategies that counsellors use to help them, and it's important to work with them to achieve the most positive outcome. By systematically working with adolescents, you can develop a treatment plan that is best suited for their unique needs. You can also manage behaviour by providing support and training. In the end, it's important to allow adolescents the space they need to heal and grow.


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